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I wanted to try engraving bases for miniatures, for D&D, board games, etc.

For my first attempt, I grabbed a flagstone texture off the 'net, cropped it into a circle, and threw it in the forge.

I think I put it on draft graphic because everything else was going to take too long and I wanted to see what it could do.

With a bit of paint and flock, it was… serviceable… However, the engrave lines were very obvious if you looked closely, and they made it difficult to paint nicely. Also, the whole thing was a bit… flat.

A while later, I decided to revisit this experiment. I’d found some 3mm MDF on a job site and wanted to give it a try.

I went through all the default engrave settings before diving into custom ones to find one I liked that didn’t take absolutely forever.

I’ll make a “Beyond the Manual” post that will go into my settings so this doesn’t get dragged down by the details. EDIT Here you go

Anyway, here’s what I settled on. Took 11mins for a 3" diameter base.

The engrave lines are not visible at all. It takes the drybrushing really nicely. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for.

Here it is next to one made the old-fashioned way, for comparison.

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