Marvin the Paranoid Laser Printer - escutcheon cover
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Finally got to put my GF to work! I received it just as we were about to move to a new place so I decided (with plenty of pain in my heart) to unbox the GF once we moved…

And my first project was clearly to put a cover on that glowing button :smile:

And, so I did - I chose Marvin the Paranoid Android as my go to character…


It’s my 3rd print and the first I designed from scratch on Gravit Designer & Affinity Designer - something I also am learning as I go so I’m doing some things on one and some on the other while I figure out strokes, shapes, paths, etc…

Hope you like it!

One question, while I’m at it - how can I make the engraving less deep? Is there a magic trick to it?


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