Ancillary Mode (an escutcheon)
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(Design now available: Ancillary Mode Dial)

Add powerful new modes to your 'forge, personalized for your specific needs! With an easy-turn dial and stylish acrylic display, your custom settings are just a twist away.


The attractive display illuminates as your job runs, your chosen setting subtly affecting the outcome.

Tired of the old options, looking for something fresh and new? Twist off the magnetically-secured cover and install exciting new modes with ease.

Materials: 1/8" PG acrylic (window and light guide), 1/8" PG cherry (outer ring), 1/8" PG maple (dial, planetary gears, sun gear), eight embedded 1/8" dia. x 1/16" thick disk magnets, white paper ring (traditionally printed and then laser cut), and black cardstock backing (for the mode window) affixed with sticky-tack.

(I’ll post the .svg after I write a few instructions… Nicely embedding the magnets was a research project, but it’s easy with the proper settings. Despite .gif appearances, there’s no wobble! That’s just my phone’s image stabilization algorithm at work.)

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