Escutcheon over...My (mumbles)th iteration for the power button
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Alright, I get it, I see what we’re supposed to do here.

My first version was supposed to be a Millennium Falcon. My kid, who’s built at least half a dozen YT-1300’s with me, was all “Dad…what’s that supposed to be?”

It was bad. The outer shape was right! But the raster was…bad. And it didn’t tell a story.

So I’m learning inkscape and figuring out lasering and whatnot, and decided to try the Austin city skyline with the bat signal. Aforementioned kid has a Batman reference in his name, so it fits.

Austin skyline (purchased from because I’m not that good with vector graphics yet) is on clear PG thick acrylic, button is PG medium neon green acrylic with the bat cut from black medium acrylic.



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