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This is the first step towards making money with puzzles. Not a complete success, but not a failure either. After three false starts and 2:45 minutes it’s done.

Lessons learned that I knew about but had forgotten were not to engrave over the QR code. I stopped it 15 minutes into the first engrave. The other known thing that I had forgotten was not to engrave over the masking, or a lot of the light engraves come out only on the masking and the masking glue gets engraved and leaves a sticky residue. Another 15 minutes out the window.

Third time was a charm, but I should have ignored the cuts and masked over the engrave before cutting, because now there’s smoke residue. I also mis-read the GFUI and didn’t realize that the inner boarder meant to be a score, was a cut, so now the puzzle is 0.3" smaller in width and height that I had intended. It’s 17.4" x 9.5".

Pieces are kind of large. Almost 1" x 1". Now, I’m scratching my noggin trying to figure out what to use to get it out all together to take a better picture. Anyway, without further ado…


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