Bathymetric Map of Lake Murray, South Carolina
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I’ve been learning Inkscape by tracing a bathymetric map of Lake Murray in South Carolina, so I was ready when I got my Glowforge on Thursday. The top couple layers are Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood, and the rest are Home Depot 1/4 inch plywood, b/c they are supposed to represent a bigger drop in depth (nothing to do with it being dirt cheap…)

The negative pattern looked pretty cool too:

If anyone lives around here and wants the .svg let me know. Heads up, the islands are super annoying to keep track of and glue down.

Update: Here’s the file for anyone who wants it, just hide all the layers you don’t want to cut.

Hmm…I’m new to the uploading thing. When I upload the .svg file, it just shows up as a .png picture. Anyone know how to share the actual file?

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