Fold-up dice tower prototype (with SVG)
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After seeing a few other really nifty dice towers on this site (like this one and this one), I wanted to try one of my own. Designed in 3 components (19 separate bodies) in Fusion 360. Still needs decoration, a cork or felt landing pad, and a few design tweaks, but I’m pretty happy for a first attempt! I’m particularly pleased with how sturdy it is, how well the hinges work in practice, and how the bottom hinge is hidden.

Printed in Proofgrade Draftboard and glued together with Elmer’s. Finished size is exactly 3"x3"x6". Print finishes at 10.5"x13.5" but I could probably rearrange it to better go edge-to-edge. I bet it’d work with any 1/8" material, but you’re going to need the glue.

Video - embedding seems to be a little broken right now

All pics, video, and SVG: Google Drive

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