Acrylic Suncatcher
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Alright I’ve been away for a while creating non-glowforgey things but I just made this suncatcher and wanted to share.

I could have done a better job on the glue-up but all in all it came out pretty decent.

About 3,5 hours on GF in engraving as I used 2 layers of plywood, both with recessed (or rabbet joints) that is half the thickness of the plywood so that the acrylic would just be cut and laid between the 2 layers.

I didn’t leave enough room between some of the acrylic pieces for the glue to lay down so it ran over on the underside and ended up on some of the edges of the acrylic which could be seen. So I need to adjust those widths for next time. Mind you, I’m only talking a couple MM here.

The only thing with using the acrylic is that its flat… no texture to it like normal stained glass would have.

Anyone know of this is such a thing as textured acrylic?
If not, anyone tried cutter glass with the GF?

But it does reflect the light and the colors are visible in said reflection.

GF shop is very limited on their translucent or transparent color choices so I will be buying more from Inventables for future versions… and I know they have some glitter acrylic which might be a nice addition to these.

I’ve started a YouTube channel recently… only one video so far, but many more to come. A video of the making of this will be up at some point. I have a few videos I need to create first. I’ll comment when its published though. Or you could just subscribe (hint hint)! Thanks!

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