Parametric Box Test
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A while back I created a parametric box in Fusion 360. I finally took it for a test-drive!

A friend has a game that he’s designing, and I wanted to make a box for my play-test-copy of it. I took the measurements, entered the parameters into Fusion and exported the .dxf files.


I put it into AutoCAD and added some kerf to it (I know I could design this into the parametric design, but I had the thing 75% designed when I realized I had forgotten kerf. Some of these equations were a bear to figure out, so I left it out. It means I have to offset the lines in AutoCAD, but that is a fairly simple process).

I also laid out the pieces on the sheet in AutoCAD as well. Then I brought the DXF into Inkscape and added some engravings from my friend’s game, called Point Salad.

I cut it out of draft board. In total it was about 25 minutes to cut/engrave, and another 10 minutes or so to cut and engrave the dividers.




It turned out a little tight, so I’ll add some more slop to my measurements in the future. Now I have a whole shelf of games that are too big for their boxes that I want to make replacements for… and I know my design is up to the task of sizing them all appropriately!

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