Segmented Wood Turning
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I do a lot of wood work, and I am quickly integrating the Glowforge into my workflow. While I am sure I will still do some of these segments by hand, the work saved by having the Glowforge cut these for me is incredible. My usual process involves a long peice of my wood of choice and a miter saw, cutting each segment at the proper length and angle to get the right ring dimensions, sanding the joining parts, gluing half a ring together, sanding, gluing… its a long process. with these segments they have perfect angles and press fit together, no sanding required. I simply put a bit of wood glue on the arrow head and using a rubber mallet, press fit it to the next segment. The front arrow is slightly larger than the rear to take in account laser kerf. Glue and stack the rings as I turn to my desired thickness and smooth it out.


This particular travel tumbler is a random pattern made up of white oak, red oak, poplar, walnut, Padauk, and zebra wood and the segments were randomly put together. While I am actually not a fan of random, a lot of people seem to like this type of design. I prefer structure and repeating patterns and that is what I will probably do for my next design.

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