EVA's big debut - Harry Potter coasters and a cutting board
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Hi all,

I have been lurking on the forums since I pre-ordered about 6 months back, and have been inspired by all the creative minds and wonderful projects you all have generated. I am excited to finally be able to post in the ‘Made on a Glowforge’ section.

EVA (named from one of my favorite Pixar movies and the resemblance to the glowforge) arrived 30 minutes prior to me driving to my parents house for the weekend (3 hours away). So of course I packed her into my car so I could squeeze in some quality time any free moment I got. I ended up staying up until 2:30am that first night (way past my bedtime) utterly mesmerized by how easy everything was to use. I engraved a cutting board I had made as my wedding gift with an image I nabbed off the interwebs for my first go around, and was thoroughly satisfied with how it all turned out. So much so it got it’s own photoshoot…

Shoutout to all those who posted tutorials on measuring materials with the honeycomb removed, would of been up until 3:30am without those.

Once EVA returned home after her long journey…It was time to get to the priorities - Harry Potter coasters of course! I used the proofgrade maple plywood for the coasters with the standard engrave settings. The artwork is not my own, pulled from some images off a google search. It’s a little darker than intended, but the detail is unmatched so you will only here praise from me.

Now I’m not usually a Slytherin fan, but this coaster was by far my favorite from the set

Lastly a deathly hallows symbol holder, made from some walnut cutoffs I had in the shop

Thanks for reading, and keep creating!

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