Gloomhaven tray system - First Project
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So after lurking in these forums the last 1-2 million years I thought I should say Hi now that I am finally (intentionally) burning things. My Pro unit arrived a couple weeks ago and after the effortless setup I have been doing all the random material tests, jig setups, honeycomb hold downs and other clever stuff I have been itching to steal from the people here who are so much smarter than I am about this stuff :slight_smile:

Eventually we all have to do our first project though, so I thought I would start with something simple. I am a board game junky so one of the key reasons I got the GF was to overhaul my collection with organizers and other stuff that scratches my OCD itch. Recently I have been knee deep with my crew playing Gloomhaven (an excellent game if you have never seen it, I kickstarted it a while back but you can now find it on Amazon) and while very well packaged it has a billion little pieces that need to be rifled through each time. After a quick search on Thingiverse I found an awesome pattern for a 5 tray organization system HERE.

I had to do some do some adjustment because the OP had a much larger print bed than we do with GF, but that was some good experience for me setting up my own SVGs with the settings I wanted (never worked with anything like this before). All in all I am happy with how it turned out, though I will be re-attacking my files for a v2 that fixes a lot of stuff I learned the hard way after assembly (unrequired double cuts, engrave settings that took a billion years, etc.) and includes some more polish (i.e. it’s a laser engraver, so why didn’t I add some art to the original design that shows what pieces go in which trays?). Luckily I have another friend who bought the game so I have an excuse to overhaul everything and gift him a set for… the sheer joy of making another one? :smile:

If anyone is a fellow player and wants a copy of the files once I am happy with them just let me know and I will be happy to post them into the Free Designs area. I will also be doing more games going forward so let me know if there is interest here and I will gladly share my other projects (Splendor is next on my list). I am setting everything up on medium proofgrade draftboard because the material is essentially perfect for this application.

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