Stamping out squirrels
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So this year has been a banner year for squirrels in our neighborhood and for administrative workflow issues in my wife’s practice. So figuring I could kill 2 birds with one stone, I decided to make a stamp she needed. A few weeks back I had made it in Inventables Linoleum, which while it looked great, absolutely sucked as a stamp (didn’t actually take up ink and put into paper - sort of a fundamental task for a stamp) so saw the recent post about Art stamp from @cynd11

And decided well that stuff probably works well since that’s its purpose in life. So I ordered a few sheets, and layered away.

Now the primary problem is man does this stuff smoke (this stuff does have a backing sheet but no top masking). see this video.

Any squirrels in my back yard not wearing a SCBA are all now dead… The plume of nasty smelly smoke was impressive. And they aren’t kidding to immediately take it and wash it after cutting with soap and water. The oily gunk was nasty.

Then I needed to make a backing for it. Initially was going to make a 3D printed one since this stuff isn’t mounted, but my filament broke for some reason while printing, so not wanting to restart, figured heck, can’t be that hard to make one on the Glowforge. So :proofgrade: Maple ply and 15 minutes in OnShape and we had all the nice laser joints done. Exported as DXF and imported into AI. Glued with CA glue:

Then I decided it needed a small easter egg on i (sorry didn’t photograph well, it looks nice in person):

The “Top” engrave is so you know how to orient it when stamping. Then I adhered the rubber stamp part to the wood with the adhesive backing on the polymer sheet:

Seems to work much better at actually stamping ink onto paper!

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