Things I've made on the GF so far
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I’m hoping to keep this thread updated as I continue to make things. I just wanted to share a few projects I’ve done up until now.

Hip-Hop puzzle. My son loves it. Used PG maple and walnut. Two layers. Designed the files so that there was no waste in material if I make two and swap out the pieces themselves.

Keychain tag

PG maple coins. So they can inlay them into their woodworking projects as a signature.

Lapel pin. purchased the backs from Hobby Lobby and super glued them on.

Valentines day gift to my wife. 12 layers I think. 9.5 inches in diameter. Two layers per PG maple board. Came out okay, not bad for my first attempt.

Work in progress

I’ve done a lot more with the machine. But this is just a but to get this thread started.
Future projects are menu signs for my coffee shop. Leather wallets. merchandise for my coffee shop

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