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My mom has decided she wants to collect all 60 colors of the new Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inkpads. She had a large decorative box from Michaels (15.5" x 10.25" x 4") with the 36 pads she has so far jumbled together in it. I took some measurements and determined that I would be able to fit all 60 colors in the existing box with some creative dividers.

I modeled the space (length x width x 1/4" less than the height of the pads) as a rectangular box in Fusion 360, then invoked the Slicer command. There I entered the 0.05" mat board that I wanted to use for the dividers, into the custom materials area. I chose the Interlocking slices method and played around with settings until I had slots for all 60 pads. Exported the design to DXF, then brought the pieces into illustrator. Because of the material I was using, it was easiest to just slice up the length and width pieces using our gigantic guillotine cutter. So I made a cardboard jig the size of the pieces, and used the laser to cut the interlocking slots as well as the half circles to make the pads easier to remove. Also, I took another piece of cardboard and scored the locations of the ink blending foams (1.25" circles) so they would correspond to the inkpad locations.

She came over to dinner tonight and we spent the evening labeling the foam locations and putting everything in the box. We were both really pleased by how it all came out. Everything fits perfectly!

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