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Finally I have received my Glowforge Pro after 17 months of waiting. Well really it was since 2012 when I walked into the general workshop on my first ship and we had an Epilog Laser there to cut signs and such around the ship that I really wanted a laser engraver. I got it unpacked and placed in it’s temporary home of the basement. Set up was a breeze minus my computer not cooperating during the wifi connection, ended up using the wife’s MAC to finish it.

I bought this to start a small nautical engraving business since I am Navy and move about every 2 to 3 years from coast to coast it seems. So of course my first cuts on the machine would be some ships. All are cut on Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood. Cuts turned out real well but I still need to learn some techniques in Inkscape to make the lines more crisp instead of smoothed in certain places.

Thanks to the Glowforge team for a product that was so far well worth the wait. I can finally start to make some money to pay back that dent in the bank account.


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