My Obsession with Engraving - Thoughts & Questions
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I have found that for most of the engravings I’ve been doing, I prefer the look before I take off the masking layer.

For example, in this sun image, I love the look with the masking layer still on. If I engrave without the masking layer on, will it look similar to this? I guess it would depend…more experimentation needed!


For this one, I like the look with the masking layer removed:


This one, too (though, I just realized this pic is before I removed the interior masking):


Of course, I had to try a Middle Earth map and it looked AWESOME before I took the masking layer off. It seems the laser barely cut through the masking layer for many of the fine details. I think I know how fix this…how does the GF determine engrave depth? For a given proofgrade material, pure black doesn’t cut all the way through. Is the engrave depth specific for material? So, white is no engrave and black is set to some depth. How is that depth determined? Is it affected by the background color of the source image? My Middle Earth map did have a non-white background color.


Finally, is there an easier way to remove the masking layer? The little bits are difficult to get completely off.

Thanks for any and all advice!


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