MacBook Engraving...Kinda
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Ok I got my GF about 2 hours ago and this is the first thing I’ve done. I am wondering why the heck the brown spots happened, its not like that on the file. The file uploaded was an SVG that was all black. I did full speed and full power with 340 lines per inch. Its not charing and it defiantly doesn’t wipe off. I don’t know if the power was too high but its odd that it only did it at certain places on the image.The spots where it is white, the lines are super crisp but the brown spots the lines look fuzzy. Its kind of hard to tell that in the image. I uploaded a screenshot of what the files looks like for reference!

Oh and PS don’t worry, my family owns an Apple Computer store and repair shop so we have loads of recycled devices I can test drive on, so this is a non-functioning machine :joy:

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