First Cut: Turtles all the way down
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So, after literally years of waiting… The GF has finally arrived. Open the box, everything intact… Incredibly professionally packaged, everything protected, setup super intuitive. Dan’s vision is a screaming success! Laser cutters for everybody!

So I plug it in - …and just stare at the screen for 40 minutes, trying to think of something worthy of the occasion. Look through some of my personal projects for the last few years, nothing inspires.
I get hungry and go to the kitchen to get food. I tell my wife that I am so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the thing, that I literally can’t think of what to cut.

She says ‘Make me a turtle’.

Ok… brain kicks in to gear… ‘I’m going to make you the best turtle’, I say. I can do engrave, marquetry, …all the things!
I pick a picture of a stock turtle from shutter-stock, work some Illustrator magic… Drop in a piece of proof-grade maple, and GF just sees everything, suggests cut settings, which are all correct for the cuts I want. Press the magic go-button, and it just…does…what…its…designed…to…do!
First pass, perfect cuts/etch.
I cut the inlays in some press-board I had lying around, and it’s a bit more manual… I had to cut twice, because first pass didn’t go all the way through, (my ignorance, not GF’s fault) I pull out the finished bits, glue them together, and it is exactly what I envisioned. Less than an hour from conception to finished thing. My wife now has a turtle, and I have been lifted of the burden of deciding what my first project will be.

I am looking so much forward to playing with this thing. Thank you, thank you Dan, and team, for bringing this amazing machine to life. Each step of the process is a reminder that the GF is really something special!

Turtle says ‘Hi!’

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