Carousel Spinner Take Two - Final Answer
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Third ball from the sun. 
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Okay, got it finished up to my satisfaction. (Sometimes that takes a few tries.) :smile:
Did a major design overhaul on the Carousel prototype discussed here: Carousel Spinner

This one kind of feels like it’s cheating - the prototype was created totally out of lasered materials and was a lot more fiddly to assemble. This one cheats and uses a small turntable bearing (Amazon), but it spins better and is cheaper and easier to make, so I guess some compromises must be made.

The original and first remake had a fixed roof though, which I prefer visually, but this one can be spun using the button on the top (@Xabbess :wink:). (Sorry fellows, the horses still don’t go up and down.)

So anyway, here you go…time to go work on something else, I’m thoroughly tired of carousels now. :laughing:

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