UPDATED 1/15: First 6 Weeks with the Glowforge
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Ojai, CA 
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I’ve had my Glowforge, Laserwolf, for six weeks now. He survived the Thomas Fire in Ojai and has already eaten through about $200 in Proofgrade materials!

I love him.

Anyway, I’ve not had any luck posting photos on this forum, so instead I made a little blog over on my website which I plan to update weekly. It’s mostly projects with Proofgrade materials at the moment, but once I get a bit more brave, I’ll be sharing all the speed and power technical bits.


And thank you to everyone who posts on this forum It is an amazing resource for a laser newbie like me.



Edit: Finished my first Glowforge-originated mosaic piece http://www.julesweissman.com/laserwolf/2018/1/14/mosaic-project-part-two

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