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I’m working on a project of small maps showing everywhere I’ve lived. I used SnazzyMaps to make a map style that worked well for me. The style below is good for small neighborhood maps that even show home outlines. You can save the maps as PNG files 10 times per day.

Map style I published. It won’t work well for a large area map:

I used a 1000px x 1000px map with a scale factor of 3x, this seemed to make the lines sharper.

I then put it in Illustrator and hit 6 color trace. This enabled me to save it as an SVG and each color was a separate process. There were extra processes that I had to ignore, but it worked well for my needs. In the Glowforge UI, I changed the power settings for the streets and highways. I also used illustrator to highlight my old apartment.

The resulting piece is exactly what I needed for my project.

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