I have a friggin' laser! ( 3D fractal engraving )
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After all these months with Major TOM I still wake up and immediately think, “OMG I own a friggin’ laser!!” I collect interesting images and laser them for no other reason than becasue they are pretty and I like looking at them. So last night around midnight I was looking at these gorgeous fractal images and then spent the next 4 hours adjusting the images and getting them lasered just becasue :slight_smile:

Thanks @dan and your great team for the amazing machine sitting in my living room and all the pretty things covering my shelves. In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d own a laser, and yet here she sits :hearts:

3D engraved PF Maple hardwood. (Basswood would have been better, but I was all out. :-/ )

3D engraved on draftboard.
I made a mistake and listed the regular DB as THICK. Even with the different focal height, it still came out pretty great.

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Just did my first couple prints ... AMAZING!

Classic 3D dragonfly puzzle

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