Star Wars Christmas
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So I was inspired by the following:

Taking a little from each of them, I came up with this…

I found a schematic type image of the walker. Pulled the image into Inkscape and, essentially, recreated the image in vector form. I could have had Inkscape do its best at finding that for me, but I wanted nice straight lines. The body is scored on both sides. The diagonal mark in the middle of the body is a tiny bit of charred paper I didn’t get cleaned off.

I did NOT expect all of the detail to come through. I put a lot of those lines very close together. The precision of a Glowforge is mind boggling.

I made one for a friend of mine and made a couple of extras to go along with it.

Storage trays for the pieces, made from cardboard with a piece of cardstock glued to the back.

I realized later that if I had just laid the original cut in that configuration, I could have used the scrap as the tray. Live and learn. :slight_smile:

Finally, he’ll need some way to keep them together, so taking some inspiration from My First Paper Experiments - Exciting!, I created a cardstock box.

I’m holding it for the picture because I haven’t glued it up yet. It came out pretty nice. The Empire logo is almost transparent. I made a parametric sketch in Fusion 360 so I can make these for any sized object. The logo was engraved after the box cut using the power specs listed in the above link.

I love being able to make things I could only dream of a month ago. :smiley:

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