Resin bezel ornaments
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Here’s some little fun ornaments I made recently. I created the cut files in Illustrator and cut ornament shapes out of PG medium acrylic with about a 1/8" width edge. This resulted in a bezel shape that I used to cast clear resin (UV cured) into. I did it in several layers. Bottom layer is just clear resin, then the next layer had various beads and glitter added to it. Then a top layer of clear. I also added a thin layer of clear to the back to neaten up the look (the first layer was done on a silicon sheet that had texture on it). After all the resin had hardened, I used 24 gauge wire to create hangers for the two ornaments on the right. The one on the left was drilled and an eye pin was glued into the hole.

If you’d like to give it a try, here is the cut file:


(Oops, just realized I messed up the stroke colors on that round ornament. The inside should be blue and the outside black. Or reverse the colors on the other two.)

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