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First want to thank @willcfc for his dual Reindeer design. It’s a really cool project for this time of year.

Decided to add a very simple 3D Santa’s sleigh silhouette to the mix.

I shrunk the reindeer size to match the sleigh and allow multiple sleighs and four reindeer to a single sheet of Proofgrade. I won’t repost the reindeer SVG with the size change because those were originally his design, not mine. But feel free to do with the Santa sleigh what you wish. (Oh, and I should mention the red lines in the SVG are score lines. Don’t make the mistake of setting them to cut.) I tend to do a lot of quick simple designs instead of engraves. The sleigh and 2 reindeer take almost no time to process and 5 -1/2 minutes on a pro to cut.

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