Another Disney Sign
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A while back, when I first got my GF, I made the Disneyland welcome plaque.

My First Few Creations

But there are a few other who make and sell that and other Disney plaques… but I have yet to see anyone recreate the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride sign. So I found a photo and did it myself. First I tried to find the font, and I came close, but there are always something a little different… so I took the closest one I could find and tweaked it until it was right.

(And yes, I botched that 2nd “B” a bit… that Bob Smith Maxi-Cure glue dries way too quick on plastic.)

This is a pretty small sign… I’ll make a bigger one later I’m sure, but it’ll do for now. Made with acrylic. I engraved the border and small center text and graphic and used some spray paint on it before I peeled off the masking paper. And I already cut some vinyl stickers of it too so I can sell them at my craft show this weekend to boot… or should I say booty… Arr!

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