Mounting Plate for Mustang Emblem
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A friend of mine’s son loves Ford Mustangs and asked me to draw a picture of one for him. I told him I’d try but I’m so busy right now, that I don’t think I could get to it anytime soon… which I told him. But another idea crossed my mind.

I actually have a 2013 Mustang and about a year after I got it, I changed the grill from the regular to GT version. So I had an extra grill which at one point I was going to try to sell on eBay but never got around to doing so.

So long story short, I decided to remove the Mustang horse emblem from the grill and mount it to a custom display plaque. Showed my friend, his mom, and she thinks he will love it. It’s a surprise for him though.

What do you think?

The grill had those same lines on it which led to the emblem having gaps at the bottom so I decided to match those lines… a total headache to do, but worth it in the end.

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