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Tomorrow I have the director of the National Library of Medicine (a branch of the NIH) coming to speak in a named lectureship which is named for the founder of my lab. Decided to make one of those nice thick award plaques (1") acrylic from Johnson Plastics. So first had to do the “without the bed” thing (luckily I wrote the tutorial) and used some previous scrap :proofgrade: scraps to stack up a nice 1"ish stack and then squared the piece with a carpenter’s square. I then ran into the purple button of death (movement without lasing) repeatedly. And finally found I could do it if I engraved the file without the embedded image and then load that as separate artwork (already contacted support). I couldn’t add the png as a file to the original using the add-artwork button as that threw the unhelpful “sorry and error occurred” on loading. Worked fine as its own file though. There 3D engrave looks awesome and is very deep (maybe 1/8") while the letters are way less awesome. I had run a test on the :proofgrade: clear and it looked fantastic, so not sure why that didn’t engrave as well. I did remove the masking on the top as 3D engraves don’t do as well with the masking on the acrylic. Unfortunately hard to experiment on these as they are kind of pricey to keep blowing through them to get good engrave settings (and Patti is speaking tomorrow)…

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