Edge-Lit Acrylic Rocks On (and things I learned)
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Palmer, AK 
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Yesterday I created my first edge-lit acrylic sign, for my husband’s band. I am generally happy with the results, but have learned a couple of things for next time and thought I’d share. First, the sign is too large for the light to cover the entire image in the way I had hoped. I’ll scale back the next sign a little. Second, while the idea to do a deep engrave on the shrimp (or, krill, if you will) was a good one, BUT it looks way better when viewed from the back. I will reverse the image and have a back-engraved sign next time. Finally, the teeny-tiny pieces were difficult to weed even with Gorilla tape, so I soaked the entire piece in a shallow dish with warm water and Dawn dish detergent. After ten minutes, I scrubbed it with a toothbrush (yes, an old one) and rinsed it right off. Will use this technique again!






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