Some new tessellation puzzles
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You may recall my Penrose cluster puzzles from a while back - I spent some time making the generator script a little fancier to make the layout a little more uniform:


And then I adjusted the settings to get more clusters with a similar cluster-to-constituent-rhombus ratio:


Penrose tiles are groovy and all, and I like the aperiodicity of their tiling, but I wanted to try my hand at regular tilings:

The triangular spirals surprised me with their ability to lead the solver down dead end paths, forcing you to backtrack more than I expected. But then I did a simpler pattern today:

Totally the hardest puzzle I’ve made so far. Plenty of dead ends and false positives. I reset four or five times before I managed to solve it. I was tempted to go back to the PDF that I used to cut the puzzle to begin with, but I did manage to solve it.

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