3D Engraved Snowflakes
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I live in Florida where there’s no snow. To fix that, I wrote and open sourced a snowflake generator that I’ve been using to 3D print unique snowflakes, available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:37525. I just tried engraving them into Acrylic, and I really like how they came out.

To produce them I generated geometry in STL files, which you can do on Thingiverse using Customizer. There are also many generated available for download. Then I loaded the STL files into Meshlab, generated a depth map, inverted it so that the ‘highest’ parts of the snowflakes are carved deepest, and used 3D engrave to cut them into acrylic. The photographs are taken from the other side of the acrylic, so the engrave is on the bottom.

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