Corporis humani ossa, posteriori facie proposita - Redux
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A while back I did an engrave of an old anatomy drawing by Andreas Vesalius (Corporis humani ossa, posteriori facie proposita). One of the suggestions from @davidandmaraya and @cynd11 was to put a little bit of color into it and how to do that.

Hit this one with a little bit of parchment acrylic on walnut hardwood.

I did some outlining/light scoring. Some painting. Some 3D engraving. Oh crap - the paint is all gone. Paint again. Engrave again.

It’s subtle but a neat effect. I’m glad that I engraved back a final pass over the last acrylic paint layer. It gives it a bit more weathered of a look; like it’s actually part of the work rather than just laid on top.

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