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Thought something like these would be kind of cool to hide in the bushes and trees along the walkway this Halloween.


Only it didn’t work out quite the way I’d hoped…the lights were too bright for the small footprint of the shape, and all you could see was a rectangle of light until you got right up on it.

So I tried something else…quick coat of acrylic to the masking on the front, then engrave and cut.



Didn’t paint the backside mask until I removed it from the machine, so I could get the edges and not have to deal with too high of a flame. (Painted black, it seems to do some boosting to the heat…had a bit more flame than usual on this one when it cut.)


This one works in a dark room - all you can see is the eyes shining out at you. (Probably add another coat of paint just to really make it opaque for the final version.)

Anyway, I’ll share the files for this one over in the Shared Files section - the base is the standard one everyone has been picking up from Amazon, and the eyes are interchangeable.

Happy Halloween!


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