My First Few Creations
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I already showed my first print, which was my company logo, but wanted to try my hand at some more.

Some of you may know, but I started out as a designing, then a web developer, photography, etc and now doing woodworking… a lot like @makesomething (I believe it was him that said that on a video not too long ago). Instagram: @InteractiveRealm

Anyway, a friend wants me to help him create his logo on a larger scale and backlit, but before we go there, I thought I’d get some ideas on a smaller scale. This is one of them.


I sanded down the burned engraving to get the glue to stick better and also sanded the acrylic to give it a frosted look.

Besides making signs lately, I’m also a big Disney fan and go to Disneyland as much as I can. They have a plaque just as you enter the park, which I recreated in photoshop (each letter mind you, as there is no font of this type).

Here I wanted to double up the plywood, which led to cutting out each letter and gluing it in place. I cheated a bit and lightly engraved where the top plywood pieces would go. But that was tedious work.

So on this version I decided to just engrave it on a signal layer of plywood. 2 passes on the engraving. Also separate engraving on the flower/screw head design.

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