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So after reading @jules The Joy of Design I had to post the design my wife wanted for work. One of her veterinary colleagues raises chickens and gave us eggs the other day. My wife asked how fresh they were, and her colleague answered “straight from the chicken’s ass to your mouth!”. Her colleague said “hey, that should be our slogan for the farm!”. so my wife comes home and says “hey, can you make that sign for my colleague?” so figured an engraved :proofgrade: maple plywood sign would look nice on the coop. And before someone comments that “that’s not how it works”. Yes (they are veterinarians after all), but cloaca doesn’t roll off the tongue…

I made an artistically questionable choice of deciding to have a score around the egg basket on the sign. Not idea why the outline function in AI decided to add those weird geometric shapes (which of course I didn’t notice until the end - ugh). Anyway, her colleague loved the sign and was so excited to mount it on the coop.

The eggs were delicious in an omelette I made from them!

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