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I’m going to a baby shower (really, just a dinner) soon. I understand that surveys indicate most people prefer gift cards, and since this one is her second I thought that sounded like a good idea. But since I’ve got a laser, I can’t leave it at that. So I designed a little box to hold the gift card, personalized for the occasion (last name obfuscated).

Made from 1/8" Proofgrade maple plywood as well as Proofgrade maple veneer. The hardware consists of a 1/4" screw post (Chicago screw) from Tandy Leather, and four 1/8" neodymium magnets from my local hobby shop (also available from Amazon I’m sure).

The section that has the cutout is laminated to a piece of veneer on the back side, then the “congratulations” is engraved on another piece of veneer to provide the inside lining. The two layers of plywood plus the layer of veneer worked out perfectly to fit the 1/4" screw. The tiny magnets are superglued into engraved pockets to hold the top down until you slide it away. Don’t do what I did on my prototype, which was to fail to check the direction of the magnets so when I put it all together the four magnets repelled each other! For this one I glued two magnets in on one side, then attached another couple magnets to them and put an “x” on the backs to indicate glue side down.

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