Casino Night - Roulette Wheel (Future Pro machine design)
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I’d been trying to decide what to do with the Proofgrade acrylic that I’d picked up, and the Lazy Susan idea kind of spawned another one, based on how well the bearing mechanism worked. (Very smoothly…I was impressed.) :grinning:

So I got busy and came up with this…it can be made on a Basic the way it’s shown now. Once I have access to a Pro model, I can expand the size and give it a lip to actually spin a marble in it. (Currently this center portion of the wheel shown spans the printable area of the bed, so I just gave it a little pointer. Video at the bottom.)

I don’t know if schools and other offices do a Casino Night to fundraise for projects, or just for fun at family reunions, but this would be a lot cheaper to make than buying a real one. (You could probably make it for the cost of a rental.)



(I got kind of keyed up over this one and skipped sleep for a night or two. It feels really solid.) :smile:

So would something like this be of interest to anybody else? It’s bigger than my usual designs, and would cost more to make from a materials standpoint, so I don’t know if folks would want to tackle it. I can easily do a cheaper one with the numbers just engraved on a piece of ply instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

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