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I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle project to be given as a gift to a friend of mine. I don’t yet have the artwork for the image, but I wanted to get the cutting part squared away as soon as possible, as I didn’t know if the results would be satisfying. Spoiler: the results are satisfying.

I’ve written a Python script where I can define the width and height of the template, and the number of pieces left to right and top to bottom. It generates a rectangular grid, which it proceeds to adjust to give the pieces some variety. The “prong” generation code is trial-and-error: making sure that prongs don’t overlap each other - it’s possible that the generator couldn’t figure out any geometry that works, which would fall back to a straight edge to a piece, which would be a little malicious to the solver, who would expect that to be an edge piece.

puzzle_template.pdf (28.2 KB)

I printed out a photo onto cardstock, and glued the cardstock onto matte board that I got from my local framing store. It was a quick cut, and the pieces felt… well, they felt like puzzle pieces - right weight, about the right quality of cardboard.

I assembled the puzzle to see how the feel of the pieces felt - it’s not 100% like my experience with commercial jigsaw puzzles - in those cases, there’s more resilience as the pieces smoosh into place. This is a crisper sensation when a piece falls into place, but when it does, it’s just as satisfying as with a commercial jigsaw puzzle.

Now the next step is to make a photocollage that will serve as the artwork for the actual gift.

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