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My sister’s friend’s mother passed away recently and my sister wanted to do something for her. She said, (I imagine) “hey - JB has a laser now, I wonder what can we do for a memorial plaque to go along with the tree that I’m buying for her to plant in her mom’s memory?” After clarifying that a granite boulder wouldn’t be possible in the Glowforge, we decided on some natural slate chalkboard that she has in her store.

Thanks to @jbv, I was able up to get up and running and engraving this in a jiffy. This stuff is really gorgeous and we are actually developing some other ideas to use them in. It looks a bit rougher than it is due to the lighting hitting at an angle (FYI: if you want to enhance apparent texture, sidelight is what does it)

(Engraving went in one go. Final size of the slate piece is about 9x6.5”)

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