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My Canon Pro-2000 is running a couple of days behind but I really wanted to see what this beautiful piece of machinery could do in cutting a puzzle. The idea and desire to cut them has been brought up by a few people and a few people have also posted them right here on Made on a Glowforge, with some awesome traditional and not-so-traditional types. Pretty fantastic!

FedEx dropped off some chipboard for me last night (super thick stuff - about 0.102") so I busted out the mat cutter with the straight edge cutter and cut off a few chunks. Grabbed an old 8x10" print out of a pile and hit it with some spray adhesive. Print, Chipboard. Chipboard, Print. You’re now stuck with one another.

Plopped the new, happy couple on the bed of the Glowforge and fired away. Almost. I have a bunch of test cuts that I did before on bare chipboard but we won’t talk about those here.

Zip. Zap. Zing.

I think I’m going to have to invest in a puzzle breaker-aparter to move forward with this. The fit is incredible. The cut quality? Magnificent.

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