Care packages for Houston and surrounding areas
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So I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do something meaningful to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey (other than the monetary donations already given). I found an organization through CNN’s suggested ways to help ( that is accepting care packages for people affected by the flood. I’ve heard that several religious organizations are accepting donations such as these, too. These were the things they were looking for:

(Here is the website for the organization: I made several welcome kits (labeled for adult male/female or child) with the items listed:

I also went a little crazy with the kid care packages, and made them a washcloth bear :slight_smile:

which I found out how to do on youtube ( I didn’t have the little rubber bands for the ears, so my bears turned out a little more Ferengi than expected, but I still think they were cute, once I added the little sticker eyes and mouth.

But I wanted to do something more for the letter of encouragement…that’s where the glowforge came in. I decided to make two ornaments with words of encouragement.



Here is the final product! I’ve attached the file below, in case you’d like to make your own care packages, or you have friends that might need a little encouragement :). I’m going to try to make a tic-tac-toe set for the kids on the glowforge as well. I’ll add that file once I’m done with it.

I hope all your friends and families are safe! (8.7 KB)

Update: Made the Texas tic-tac-toe; it takes about a minute to cut the pieces, and about 10 to cut/engrave the board. Think I’m going to try to convert the engrave to score to cut down on the time.

And here’s the file: (3.8 KB)

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