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Okay, I’m really tickled with how this one turned out, even though there really isn’t that much use for it aside from learning to do 3D designs in Illustrator. (The whole thing was created in Illustrator, and it’s fully functional, if a bit tight in spots from the finish treatments.)

This is a…I guess it’s a little trash bin for small things on top of the desk, or storage for business cards or something. You can drop stuff down the pull down mail slot at the top and empty the “mail” out of the drawer in front. Few tweaks left, but it worked pretty well.

This is all Proofgrade :proofgrade: Draft board and veneer - I knew I was going to paint it, and wanted to see how it did. (So nicely in fact that I almost didn’t paint it, but the veneer trim was cut out of different colors so I went ahead and finished everything).

Anyway, this one was just for fun. :grinning:

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