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Following up on the cool edge-lit illusion votive post from @cynd11, I made a quick object in Blender, rendered and exported as a SVG file, opened in Inkscape to put on a 3" x 3" square cut, then took it to my :glowforge:.

I used :proofgrade: Medium Clear Acrylic with all default settings – no custom values here :wink:

My first pass was as an engrave, but it didn’t come out very well… it missed some of the lines and were way too high of a resolution (I’m still impressed at the detail possible on this machine!) I then tried the same design using a score instead of engrave. The path it walked was duplicative, scoring each side of every line, and sometimes making the score corners go all the way through the acrylic! I then wondered what would happen if I did NOT convert the Stroke to Path in Inkscape, just used the raw SVG file, so I re-exported, re-did in Inkscape without Stroke to Path, then used ran it as a score.

Here are the results:

I removed all the masking, pulled a NeoPixel out of a drawer, and took some pics of them edge-lit.

Despite the missing lines, the engrave looks best edge-lit (top), as the color is more consistent across the entirety of the acrylic. However, the non-Stroke to Path scored version (bottom) looks clean and sharp in-person.

I’ll put together the basic tutorial on how to get these out of Blender soon-ish. :slight_smile:

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