Meet the team.  We’re making stuff that makes stuff.

We’re hiring people like you! We’re looking for amazing software engineers, embedded software engineers, mechanical engineers, & visual designers. Please get in touch.

  • dan



    Dan sold his last company to Google. His last side project was Robot Turtles, the best-selling board game. He has a dozen US patents, authored Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook, and serves as technical consultant to his seven year old twins’ lemonade stand.

  • mark



    Mark did the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware, and v1 software at the past two companies he founded. His last startup sold for $112M. He built a combination plasma torch, 3D printer, laser, & milling machine in his garage. For fun.

  • tony



    Tony has built and sold several companies, including RescueTime (a Y Combinator company) and Cubeduel (the only app ever to go viral on LinkedIn). He plays pickup ultimate, was once buried alive in a snow cave, and was the lead singer in a ska band.

  • cynthia-small


    VP People

    Cynthia is a start-up veteran and has more than 15 years of technology focused human resource and recruiting expertise. Glowforge will be her 6th start-up. She enjoys cooking creative, healthy dishes from farm to table. She has two children, one daughter who attends UW and one four-legged, furry son who has a thing for bones.

  • tom3


    Chief Operating Officer

    Tom was the CEO of Photobucket from 2010-2015 and has been CFO of a number of private and public companies. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. He loves anything with speed, especially riding motorcycles and skiing with his teenage boys.

  • dean


    Software Engineer

    Dean was the lead developer at BoingBoing for the past five years and consulted with clients like IDEO and Reddit. He published his great-grandfather’s photo album on Kickstarter where it became a bestseller and was featured in the Carnegie Museum of Art.

  • matt


    Software Engineer

    Matt is a maker, tinkerer, and veteran of Apple and Evernote. His work has earned an Apple Design Award and two Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Awards. He is also a world-ranked competitive pinball player.

  • bailey



    Bailey drove Disneyland submarines, sold cupcakes, and landed national media hits at a PR agency before joining the startup world via fitness tech company EveryMove. She’s a major dog person, a craft beer enthusiast, and has a half-dozen half-marathons under her belt.

  • jason2


    Mechanical Engineer

    Jason is a life-long engineer and has spent his career building hardware products spanning from automotive, industrial, aerospace, to e-moto. When not tinkering in CAD or building furniture as a hobby, Jason is an avid mountain biker and enjoys chasing his 2 year old daughter around.

  • eva


    Electrical Engineer

    Eva’s background is in aerospace electronics – she has hardware on Mars, the moon, and orbiting earth conducting spooky missions. She enjoys mixing art with electronics to create immersive interactive installations.

    Website | Twitter

  • scott2


    Software Architect

    Scott spent over a decade shipping software at various Seattle startups before doing a 4 year tour at Google. He still finds time to go to all his kids’ soccer games, despite not really understanding the rules.

  • kevin2


    Software Engineer

    Kevin has contributed code to projects as diverse as Amazon Underground and the Mars rover Curiosity. His tinkering nearly got him expelled from high-school when he started his own country – he later gave a TEDx talk about it and the UN never wrote him back.

  • linden2


    Software Engineer

    Linden has created software for diverse fields from ocean security to agriculture, developing an eye for great user experiences. She plays board and video games or practices parkour in her free time, but also dabbles in aquaria, climbing, and art.

  • rachael


    Software Engineer

    Rachael has shipped software in fields as diverse as online retail, credit card processing, and mobile messaging services, most recently at Amazon. She enjoys the befuddling things her toddler says, cooking, running (half marathon finally!) and getting distracted by new things.

  • nick


    Project Designer

    Nick has spent the last 12 years completing hundreds of projects including custom headphones, bespoke bicycles, desktop furniture, and lighting. Before joining Glowforge, Nick spent 5 years at Apple and ran his own company making artisanal leather goods.


  • shell2


    Project Designer

    Shell has worked in film, TV and video games, bringing everything from giant 3D monsters to well-known cartoon characters to life.  At night, you might find her designing anything from vinyl toys to couture bedding fabric to intricate wedding invitations.

  • jared_crop1small



    Jared’s experience runs from writing scalable data science infrastructure to repairing superconducting magnets. His Ph.D. thesis experiment was named one of the top ten physics breakthroughs of 2015. Between hardware stunts, he loves long distance hiking.

  • t-small


    Mechanical Engineer

    Terence is the creator of OpenBeam and the Kossel Pro 3D printer, and in his career had designed gadgets from prototype air filters for nuclear submarines to battery packs for automated CPR machines. Most recently, he designed the microscopes used on the sets of Jurassic World and Interstellar. Outside of work, Terence is a semi decent chef, an uncoordinated downhill mountain biker, and tries to be a good dad to his son.

    Website | LinkedIn

  • amelia_final2


    Product Manager

    Amelia started as an electrical engineer before building product at tech startups. She founded the tech publication Model View Culture, the makerspace Double Union, and a literary journal. She really likes climbing mountains, reading, and screenprinting.

    Website | Twitter

  • ned_small


    Firmware Engineer

    Ned is an autodidact whose passion for tech first emerged when he started fixing radios at age ten to augment his allowance. He has created electronics and software for many industrial, medical and consumer products. Since arriving in Washington at the end of a 4500 mile solo bicycle tour he’s kept himself busy by tinkering, running a hackerspace, brewing beer and playing bass in dive bars.

  • j-small


    Software Engineer

    Jonathan has been building UI for web applications going on a decade, and has a passion for making great user experiences. When he isn’t making lives better with code, he cooks, and plays games, with family, and friends.

  • DSC_4130_small


    Head of Customer Success

    Rita has pursued questions like, “How do you get a group of people to work well together?” and “What really pleases customers?” in a 20-year search that’s led from startups to management consulting and back again. She can be found synthesizing ideas by organizing sticky notes on walls, exploring new crafts, or watching birds. Her dog has the magical gift of getting cuter every day.

  • daniel_small


    Software Engineer

    Daniel helped build HoloLens from the early prototypes to the final ID. He worked on Bing Maps and Photosynth. Daniel has a PhD in computer vision. He loves anything outdoors, especially trail running and backpacking.

    Website | LinkedIn

  • karin_small2



    Karin is a Seattle native and has over 10 years of experience in technology recruiting and most recently moved from to join Glowforge as our Lead Recruiter. She is married with two daughters; a three year old and a one year old. She loves craft beer, reality TV, and Mexican food and notably won a taco and hot wing competition in 2012.

  • kevin_small


    Head of Proofgrade Ops

    Kevin has over twenty years of operational and financial leadership experience across the restaurant, investment banking, retail, and construction sectors. He holds an MBA from Duke University. He is a Clydesdale marathoner who prefers trails to pavement, enjoys craft beer and coffee equally, and is learning how to appreciate ballet with the help of his wife and eight year old daughter.

  • Stephanie_CropSFinal


    Office Assistant

    While Stephanie’s background is in managing classrooms as an elementary school teacher, she is now applying those skills to help manage the fast-paced office environment at Glowforge. She loves backpacking and camping with her husband and two dogs, cooking new vegan dishes at home, and living downtown and taking in all Seattle has to offer.

  • Taylor_CropSFinal


    Software Engineer

    Taylor has written software to direct a swarm of robots, support commercial drones, and provide real-time flight tracking. She has a passion for software that interacts with the physical world. Her free time is spent snowboarding, playing board games, and knitting.

  • BrianF_CropS_Alt2


    Software Engineer

    Brian previously co-founded a startup studio, helping to launch 3 companies in under 2 years. He also founded RescueTime (Y Combinator ’08) with glowforge founder Tony Wright (above!). He’s also a hobbyist physics nerd.

  • JT_cropS


    Software Engineer

    Jon-Tait is a iOS Developer and one of Swift’s biggest fans. He enjoys building apps and helping others in an iOS Developers community he helps to run. When he is not exploring the iOS ecosystem, he spends his time playing soccer, hanging out with his family, and exploring the outdoors.

  • megan_cropS


    People Operations Coordinator

    Megan was born and raised in Seattle. She graduated from Gonzaga University and is a die hard Zag fan. She has worked for local Seattle companies, Nordstrom, Glassybaby and tech start up, Porch. She enjoys exploring the city, cooking, tennis and spending time with friends and family. Also an avid dog lover.

  • MarloFINALL


    Product Manager

    Marlo loves talking to people (grocery store clerks are among her favorite!) and uses this chatty obsession to build great products for customers and build great teams that love working together. Formerly with ReplyYes, Homejoy, and the Japanese tech giant Hitachi, Marlo now spends her time building the Glowforge catalog. While not forging, Marlo helps connect others to the greater Seattle community through the nonprofit, Seattle Works.

  • chelseacropS2



    Chelsea joins Glowforge with 5 years of accounting experience from the federal and private sectors and is a licensed CPA. When not wrangling numbers she enjoys trying to see as many national parks as possible. She’s also a proud mom of one very sassy tuxedo cat.

  • AishaCropS


    Software Engineer

    Aisha kicked off a career in software engineering after taking an intro CS class on whim (realizing programming made her happy), and the Chicago tech community catalyzed the rest. She likes coffee and watching television with her cat.

  • unspecified-1


    Special Assistant to the CEO

    Therese is a PhD biochemist who ignored her training in the proper handling of infectious microbes and caught the start-up bug. She headed Operations at a biotechnology company launching a groundbreaking medical device. She is a centurion cycler, dedicated yogi, and dab hand in the kitchen.

  • unspecified


    Associate Project Designer

    Anna has worked with words most of her professional life, relegating a passion for making things to evenings and weekends. No longer! Most recently a copywriter for REI, she’s a maker, inventor, quilter, illustrator, and woodworker currently on a spoon-carving kick.

  • unspecified


    Software Engineer

    Peter has created software for the geospatial and ePublishing domain. He spent 7 years at Microsoft on projects ranging from 3D model pipeline to Directions App.  Recently he worked in the eBook domain creating automated pipelines for quality control. A father of two he enjoys participating in their interests.

  • img_1394


    Director of Finance

    Katy is an experienced finance professional who loves to build systems and processes.  She most recently spent six years at Tableau building their accounting department.  In her free time she is either working on a never ending home remodel, traveling, or spending time on the water or in the mountains, usually with her husband and greyhound.

We love to make things.

We’re lucky to have access to variety of maker tools: laser cutters, 3d printers, woodworking tools, sewing machines, metalworking equipment, and paper cutting machines. We’ve grown up on lathes, x-acto knives, CNC mills, and drill presses. We learned to create with pen and paper, Autocad, Sketchup, crayons, graph paper, scissors, and imagination.

Now it’s our turn to build something to give back. We hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are.